Forget the children, freelancers are our future

When I resigned from my job to start freelancing as a freelance media consultant/writer/university tutor I’m sure my colleagues secretly thought I had lost my mind (sometimes, when I look at the hours I’m putting into business, I think they were right).

Slashies, people who get income from more than one source, are on the rise, as are freelancers. Personally, I love having the freedom to immerse myself in the digital media world everyday and drive my own career. has identified the 3D sector as one of potential growth, as people get their heads around the possibilities of 3D printing. Mobile developers are big winners, and if they can create the next Candy Crush Saga they will be very big winners.

Sadly, I don’t know how to do either of those jobs but I do know how to write. As social media becomes more and more prominent as a business tool, businesses are placing more emphasis on quality copy. Your receptionist may have a few spare moments in the day to set up a Facebook page but without engaging copy, it’ll fall flat. echoes this sentiment, seeing a jump in writing related jobs. Ghostwriting has risen 41.5 per cent and copywriting lifted 17.7 per cent.

Done properly, good social media management doesn’t take 40 hours a week. Keep the freelancer option in mind.

Thanks to and for the stats.